The Five Best Actions Individuals Can do to Increase Well-being and Life Satisfaction

A 2010 UK government funded project called ‘Foresight’, involving over 400 experts, and including over 100 reviews of science based literature researched the 5 best actions that individuals can do in their lives to increase well-being and satisfaction with life.

Their findings were (in no particular order)

1. Connect – invest time in social relationships and community

2. Be Active (the fastest way out of a bad mood) – dance, walk, run…whatever floats your boat

3. Take Notice (be aware of what is happening around you, the changing of the seasons, the faces of other people, the sounds, the sights, the smells)

4. Keep Learning (throughout your whole life) – older people who continue learning are happier and healthier, be curious, engage your mind – it’s more about curiosity rather than formal learning – so don’t feel you have to enrol on a course (learn to cook, play an instrument, design a webpage)

5. Give (your time, your money and your compassion). Research has shown time and time again that spending on other people makes you happier than spending on yourself.


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