How To Make Meditation a Daily Habit When You’ve Failed Before

There are very few people I know of who manage to meditate on a regular basis. This even includes people who teach and write about meditation. I had the same problem, I’d have days, and sometimes weeks, when I didn’t meditate, despite wanting to and being all too aware of the benefits.

Where did I leave that banana?

So how do you make the practice of meditation so compelling that it is self-sustaining? I’d suggest that every day you plan to do less than you can. So do less formal practice than you are capable of.

For example, if you can sit and meditate for 5 mins, then don’t meditate for this long, just do 2 to 3 minutes. Maybe aim to do this a few times a day, instead of one longer session.

You’re doing this to avoid meditation becoming burdensome, if it feels like a chore you won’t be able to sustain it. So sit often, but for short periods and it’s likely that you’ll enjoy and look forward to those sessions and want to make those sessions longer as time goes by.

What if I Can’t Even Do a Minute?

If, when you’re honest with yourself, even one minute of meditation feels like a burden, just commit to one mindful breath a day.

This commitment should be easy to fulfil and it will give you momentum. When you feel ready for more it will be easy to expand it, even if it’s just two breaths a day. Also, just making this intention is a form of mindfulness in itself and will develop a valuable mental habit that will grow and expand over time.

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